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8 Completely different Strategies to Lose Weight with Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting has been gaining large recognition as a weight-loss program lately. However it may be a problem to determine how one can begin intermittent fasting, particularly in case you are undecided what works finest for you.

Lose Weight with Intermittent Fasting

So, these trying to shed some pounds can attempt intermittent fasting in eight other ways.

Technique 1- 16:8 Fasting

The 16:8 fasting technique is probably the preferred technique to do intermittent fasting. It entails a 16-hour fasting window adopted by an 8-hour window for consuming. This may be executed daily or on sure days of the week.

For instance, you may select to quick from 8 p.m. to midday the subsequent day or from Monday night till Tuesday afternoon. The 16:8 technique is a superb place to begin for these new to intermittent fasting as it’s not too restrictive.

The way it works: As you eat fewer energy, it helps amp up your physique’s metabolism and finally lose the visceral fats to reside longer.

Technique 2- 12:12 Regime8 Different Methods to Lose Weight with Intermittent Fasting 2

The 12:12 fasting program entails fasting for 12 hours and consuming solely throughout a 12-hour window. It’s thought-about a newbie’s weight loss plan as a result of it’s simple to comply with, and also you spend most of your fasting hours sleeping.

Nonetheless, one should method this new dietary behavior step-by-step. Begin by staying away from one meal at a time, after which progressively work your approach up in order that the transition isn’t too troublesome in your physique.

The way it works: Each day 12-hour fasting will convert your cussed fats cells into vitality, thus releasing ketones into the bloodstream.

Technique 3- 23:1 (Weekly Quick for twenty-four hours)

The Eat-Cease-Eat technique contains fasting for twenty-four hours as soon as per week. For instance, you would quick from dinner someday till dinner the subsequent day.

Whereas this technique is difficult for learners, it’s steered that you simply do it on weekends to make it simpler in your physique. Additionally, when on a weekly quick, you possibly can eat something you want however attempt to concentrate on complete meals to reap the advantages within the longer run.

The way it works: The advantages of 23:1 embody a discount in insulin spikes which assist regulate blood sugar ranges. Autophagy can be triggered in consequence.

Technique 4:- 5:2 Fasting Technique

The 5:2 weight loss plan entails consuming usually for 5 days per week and lowering your calorie consumption to 500-600 energy on two days of the week. However hold a test in your calorie consumption on each fasting and non-fasting days; eat a balanced weight loss plan all through.

Some folks discover it simpler to stay to five:2 as they solely need to weight loss plan two days per week. These fasting days may be back-to-back or unfold out all through the week.

The way it works: If you don’t attempt to compensate for the energy consumed much less on fasting days, 5:2 IF will work to burn fats slowly and steadily.

Technique 5:- Alternate Day Fasting

With alternate day fasting, you quick each different day. This may be executed by both skipping meals on fasting days or consuming little or no. For instance, you may eat solely 500 energy on fasting days.

Alternate day fasting is a extra superior intermittent fasting technique and shouldn’t be tried by these new to fasting. It is usually not beneficial for girls who’re pregnant or breastfeeding. Nonetheless, in case you are skilled, you possibly can check out this fasting weight loss plan.

The way it works: Alternate-day fasting improves your metabolic fee whereas detoxifying it of the toxins, thus making you are feeling lighter over time.

Technique 6:- 20:4 (The Warrior Food regimen)

The 20:4 weight loss plan, often known as the Warrior Food regimen, entails consuming one giant meal at night time and fasting through the day. This technique is just appropriate for individuals who can go with out meals for lengthy intervals.

It isn’t beneficial for learners as it may be difficult to stay to. Begin it with a plan of three weeks (3 times per week), and if it really works, it’s possible you’ll start once more. You possibly can eat tea or espresso, however no high-calorie drinks are allowed.

The way it works: Following a strict regime of train, protein-rich meals, and staying hydrated, 20:4 will provide help to shed some pounds healthily with the 20:4 technique.

Technique 7:- 18:6

The 18:6 technique is kind of much like the 16:8 technique, however you quick for 18 hours and eat throughout a 6-hour window. Begin by practising a couple of times and slowly work your approach up.

On this fasting technique, you possibly can start your consuming window at 12 p.m. and finish it at 6 p.m. You possibly can have an early dinner earlier than going off meals till midday the subsequent day.

The way it works: 18:6 IF raises the quantity of HGH in our our bodies which causes burn off of the prevailing fat sooner and helps in gaining lean mass.

Technique 8:- 14:10

The 14:10 weight loss plan entails fasting for 14 hours and consuming solely throughout a 10-hour window. This technique may be executed daily or on sure days of the week.

This can be a extra average method to intermittent fasting and could also be a superb possibility for individuals who discover the 16:8 technique too restrictive.

The way it works: A research revealed in Cell Metabolism backs this method to shedding weight.


In the event you’re planning to interrupt your weight reduction plateau, intermittent fasting often is the reply for you. There’s no motive to not give it a go together with so some ways to attempt it. Simply make sure you keep it up for at the very least just a few weeks to see outcomes.

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8 Different Methods to Lose Weight with Intermittent Fasting

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