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Bodybuilder Shaun Clarida Locks Out 150-Pound Incline Dumbbell Presses For 20 Reps

On April 19, 2022, Worldwide Federation of Bodybuilding and Health (IFBB) Professional League bodybuilder Shaun Clarida confirmed his endurance throughout one other pivotal low season exercise. To check his stamina and attain a “muscle pump,” the previous 212 Mr. Olympia Champion (2020) crushed 150-pound incline dumbbell presses for a staggering 20 reps.

Try the elevate beneath — the place Clarida is sporting a lifting belt and wrist straps — by way of his Instagram profile: 

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Behind the Pump

Clarida’s thought course of behind understanding for an enormous “muscle pump” isn’t a brand new idea for skilled bodybuilders. To compete on the highest ranges of a power sport that focuses on physiques, the “pump” may even be essential. 

The pump happens for an athlete when their bodily fluids (primarily blood and water) accumulate in no matter muscle they’re contracting. When lactic acid begins to construct up in a working muscle, it attracts water. In the meantime, your coronary heart accordingly pumps extra blood to an space that wants consideration — like, say, an activated muscle — to offer it the facility and power it wants at that second. (1)

This inflow of fluids in the end offers muscle groups that non permanent swollen “pumped” look. This look is understandably interesting to bodybuilders engaged on the aesthetic of their our bodies in competitors, because the pump could make their muscle groups seem extra full and dense. 

Analysis exhibits that there are hypertrophic (or muscle development) advantages behind the muscle pump, too. Although, that profit comes with vital caveats. 

Whereas athletes can develop their muscle groups and get stronger by working for a pump, a research maintained that their exercise choice should be even handed. The elevate should be difficult and prolonged sufficient to maintain the focused muscle groups below constant stress. Basically, the athlete can’t permit these muscle groups to loosen up throughout a set. (2)

Likewise, a difficult, high-repetition, low-rest exercise shouldn’t essentially be the only focus of a routine aiming for a muscle pump. Any athletes with such an intention — corresponding to bodybuilders — may do properly to implement their “pump coaching” after a power routine that facilities round heavier compound lifts, just like the bench press. (2)

A seasoned bodybuilding professional, Clarida assuredly understands the best way to put together his physique for competitors. He might properly comply with his latest pump coaching by sharing intensive, low-rep power exercises quickly. 

The Street to Mr. Olympia

Clarida has spent most of his skilled bodybuilding profession within the 212 Mr. Olympia division, however by December of 2022, that would change. Whereas the 40-year-old remained within the 212 division throughout the 2021 Mr. Olympia — the place he completed in second place to Derek Lunsford — he did compete in and gained the Open division on the 2021 Legion Sports activities Pageant roughly two months prior. 

Clarida has not but clarified the place he’ll compete throughout the 2022 Mr. Olympia, which can happen on December 15-18, 2022, in Las Vegas, NV. With a bit of below eight months till the competitors, there’s probably no rush. 

Whichever aggressive division Clarida does select, he in all probability gained’t neglect his muscle pump in coaching. 


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Featured picture: @shaunclarida on Instagram

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